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A Passion for Pictures


I’m Meg and here is my story… (skip the first two paragraphs if you want the quick version)


Hollowhills Photography began its journey before my high school grade 10 photography class. My father was a photographer by hobby and a canoe tripper by passion. He always came home from his backcountry canoe trips with rolls of film ready for development. As a child, several family evenings were spent sitting in our living room with a tray of slides showing us the beautiful landscapes of northern Ontario. I’ll never forget the sound of the slide machine when it advanced to the next slide. Dad always took pictures of what brought him joy- the slide tray had always been a good mixture of landscapes and portraits of my mom.


I suppose I inherited his love of photography. I always took more photographs than my friends did at summer camp! My camera came everywhere with me. Then, in my grade 10 photography class, a real passion for composition and light was nurtured by my teacher.


Over the past 30 years, I have developed my skills and understanding of image design, lighting and composition. I have taken college level photography courses and various online photography courses to further develop my photography knowledge and skills. I have worked as a freelance photographer since 2007. I have shot weddings, corporate portraits, family portraits, pet portraits, landscapes, products, and real estate properties.


In 2022, I opened the doors to my indoor studio in the Village of Erin, Ontario.


Hollow Hills Photography currently specializes in Corporate Portraits, Commercial Photography and Product Photography.  We are your one stop shop for all your marketing photography solutions.  We also offer Graduation Portraits, Family and Pet Portraits.


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